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What is the Register of Honor?


The Register of Honor is a website and database created to contain the photographs, biographical sketches, and stories of those who are serving or have served in The United States Armed Forces.

Who is eligible for inclusion in the Register of Honor?


Those individuals who have served honorably under the flag of the United States at any time since April 19, 1775, and who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces or colonial militias and/or have sworn the oath of allegiance to the United States of America required of all military personnel are eligible for inclusion in the Register of Honor. Included are all branches of the United States Armed Forces (i.e., the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, the U. S. Coast Guard, the U. S. Marine Corps and the U. S. Air Force) including predecessor organizations the Army Air Corps and the Army Air Force. It includes service in the United States Merchant Marine (during the Second World War). It includes all veterans and/or active members of the Armed Forces of the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. It includes all Reservists of the U. S. Armed Forces (i.e., the U. S. Army Reserve, the U. S. Navy Reserve, the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve, the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve, and the U. S. Air Force Reserve.

Why was the Register of Honor developed?


The Register of Honor was developed as a way to remember, respect, and honor our veterans and active military personnel and recognize their sacrifice to protect our liberty.

Is there any cost for inclusion in the Register of Honor?


There is no charge to view the Register of Honor or submit an honoree.

What information may I include in the Register of Honor?

  • personal information about the honoree such as name, hometown, birth year and burial location
  • a personal narrative and direct quote from the honoree that “tell the story” of their service
  • service details such as branch of service, years served, rank, wars and battles, and awards
  • up to five photographs and three videos of the honoree
No disrespectful or obscene text or pictures/video will be allowed.

In order for your veteran honoree to appear on the home page, a war or peacetime service must be selected.

If no war is selected, the honoree's personalized mini-movie seen at the National Veterans Shrine kiosk will include the peacetime video.

When uploading photographs, please note that "Photo 1" will be the primary/featured image.

Who can access the Register of Honor?


Anyone can view honoree pages contained in the Register of Honor.

Who can submit information to the Register of Honor?


Anyone of the age of consent (18 years or older) may submit information to the Register of Honor. Anyone who has not reached the age of majority may do so with consent of the appropriate adult authority such as a parent, guardian, teacher, or adult group leader.

Can honoree information be edited or additions made after being submitted?


Yes, you may edit, add or delete information on pages you create. All pages are password protected, so without the proper login and password, no one else is able to edit your pages. 

The webmaster does reserve the right to make minor punctuation or grammar corrections if necessary.

May I submit multiple veteran honorees?


Yes, you may submit information on as many different individuals as you wish.

May I create a page for someone who is already included in the Register of Honor?


Yes, you can create an honoree page for someone who is already in the Register. But you can only add, change, or delete the pages that you created.

How quickly will the honoree page(s) I create by available for viewing on the website?


Every effort will be made to have the honoree page viewable within a few days.


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