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American Village Memorial Day events salute veterans


American Village Memorial Day Schedule of Events​

Please spend the day with us at the American Village in remembrance of those who served and sacrificed for our Nation and for liberty. 

We invite you to join us in special tributes on Memorial Day to Alabama’s and America’s veterans. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the National Veterans Shrine, and consider adding someone you know who has served or is serving in the United States Armed Forces to the Veterans Register of Honor. 

I encourage you to help us tell the stories of our veterans. We owe them our thanks, respect and honor.

Tom Walker

Founder and President, American Village Citizenship Trust


National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor Celebrates 5th Anniversary

large crowd shot_webRGB.jpg

Five years ago on Washington's Birthday, the American Village in Montevallo dedicated the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor. Over 1,000 people gathered that February day for the opening of a remarkable place dedicated to the men and women in every generation since the American Revolution who have served and sacrificed for liberty.

Each of these heroes – these veterans – is someone’s child. They came from all walks of life to answer our country’s call. They served in war and peace; lives were changed. They became a band of brothers, and sisters. They all have stories that must be told. The National Veterans Shrine is a place to tell those stories.

The National Veterans Shrine is patterned after historic Carpenters Hall of Philadelphia, meeting place of the first Continental Congress. A historic marker at Carpenters Hall says, "Within these walls, Henry, Hancock and Adams inspired the delegates of the Colonies with nerve and sinew for the toils of war."

 In his remarks at the dedication of the National Veterans Shrine, American Village Founder and President Tom Walker said,

"In years to come this place will be known to inspire citizens with the stories of our veterans who have borne the burden of the toils of war and keeping the peace. When our founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they knew a cold, sobering truth: independence and liberty would come at a very high price. They resolved:   

For the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

"This was and is the high price of liberty:  the necessity to pledge one’s life, fortune, and sacred honor. We bear witness to that truth: the story of American liberty is written not only in ink on parchment, but in the blood of service and sacrifice."

“The most important element of the National Veterans Shrine comes from each of you, and we invite you to gather the stories, photos and information about the everyday heroes you know who enlisted in times of war and times of peace.”

Every person reading this knows someone who has served or is serving in the United States Armed Forces, and all should be honored. You can do that by entering them in the Veterans Register of Honor, a website and database housed in the National Veterans Shrine. They will be honored for all time, and here their families can see a personalized and individualized video that salutes that veteran. To find out how, visit Help remember the price of liberty, and those who have paid it.

The American Village is located at 3727 Highway 119 in Montevallo, Alabama. For more information, visit our website,