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Troy Wren in France

Troy Lee Wren

Cullman, AL
Born 1925
Gardendale, AL, United States
Died 2013


Troy Wren was born in Cullman, AL in 1925. He was drafted into the army and began service in 1944. Entering combat in Europe, Troy and others in his company were relieved every 2-3 weeks and sent to the rear echelon where they were allowed to bathe and brush their teeth. At one point, Troy, a squad leader, led his squad through a sewer to escape German troops after they found themselves cut off from their company and completely surrounded. For this he received the Bronze Star for bravery. After several days without food, Troy and his squad finally found an American supply outfit. The corporal in charge told Troy that his company commander would have to sign for food. Troy explained that the remainder of his company, including the company commander, had all been killed or wounded. Finally, the corporal turned his back and walked away. Troy stole food for his men! He was made staff sergeant before the war’s end. He died at age 88 after a happy Christian life, loved by family and friends.


"I was afraid every single day that I was going to die, but I decided that I would try my very best to serve my country."


Bronze Star Medal

Military Rank

Staff Sergeant

Years of Service


Wars, Campaigns, & Battles

World War II
European Theater
Battle of the Bulge