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Honored by Gen. John Archer Elmore Chapter, AL Sons of the American Revolution

Robert Thompson

Virginia, VA
Born 1757
Decatur, AL, United States
Died 1824


According to his pension statement, Robert Thompson fought with the Regular Army. His service began when he was approx. 26 years old and continued throughout the War. I first doubted that any one individual could have fought continuously however, there is little doubt that an individual of 75 years could have remembered each battle chronologically without participation. He fought in the Battle of Monmouth (1778), marched to Valley Forge, then transferred from the 9th regiment out of the 2nd VA commanded by Col Ball and Major Rupel, discharged in Richmond the summer after peace was made. He fought at Paulus Hook (1779) under Major Light Horse Harry Lee, Battle of Charleston (1780), where he was taken prisoner, The Battle of Camden which he refered to as “Gates Defeat”(1780), Eutaw Spring (1781), the Battle of Guilford(1781), Ninety Six (1781). He died as a Pvt. without any descendants, paid $8/month, $96/per annum. His extended family fought for 12 years, seeking his final payment.


After the war, Robert Thompson moved into Franklin Co., Alabama c. 1822 and had no heirs according to his brother, Woddy Thompson. Robert Thompson states that he cut himself with a butcher knife while in service of the government and has no use of that hand. Woddy Thompson’s widow stated her family should be entitled to his undistributed pension of $96. After 12 years, a judge decided that the children of Woddy and Mary Mattock Rutledge Thompson should be entitled to the remainder of his estate.

Military Rank

Private (without Insignia)

Years of Service


Wars, Campaigns, & Battles

American Revolution
Southern Campaign
Battle of Camden
Southern Campaign
Battle of Eutaw Springs
Southern Campaign
Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Southern Campaign
Siege of Charleston