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Spanish-American War

THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR  in 1898 was America’s shortest war lasting just 10 weeks.  Fought between The United States and Spain, it was sparked by the sinking of the battleship, USS Maine in Havana harbor in Cuba.  The war was fought on two fronts in Cuba and The Philippines.   American fatalities totaled 3,061 with 1,645 wounded.  Another 2,565 succumbed to disease.  It resulted in Cuban Independence with Guam, The Philippines, and Puerto Rico becoming territories of The United States.  Importantly, it also gave both Northerners and Southerners the first opportunity to “fight together” since the end of the Civil War, thus helping to heal the wounds of that earlier war.




Campaigns & Battles

Battle of Manila Bay
Battle of Kettle Hill/San Juan Hill
Battle of Santiago de Cuba