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World War I

WORLD WAR I began in 1914 and was known as “The Great War.”  It did not involve the United States initially.   On April 6, 1917, the United States entered the war.  This is largely the result of two separate circumstances.  First, Germany had resumed unrestricted submarine warfare including the sinking of several U. S. Merchant ships.  But it was the intercepting of a telegram from Arthur Zimmermann, the German Foreign Minister to Mexico, that effectively left the U. S. with no option but war.  In the telegram Zimmermann offered Mexico a military alliance that Germany would fund if they entered the war on the side of Germany and further promising them the acquisition of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in a subsequent war with the United States.  Mexico ignored the proposal.  The nation drafted 2.8 million men and effectively tipped the war against Germany.  The war was devastating because of its marriage of 20th century modern technological warfare with 19th century tactics.  More than 16 million died worldwide both military and civilian of which 116,000 were American servicemen with another 200,000 Americans wounded.




Campaigns & Battles

Battle of Belleau Wood
Second Battle of the Marne
Battle of Argonne Forest
Battle of Chateau Thierry