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Battle of Ia Drang

Vietnam War - All

Battle of Ia Drang occurred November 14-18, 1965 in a valley in the central highlands of Vietnam.  It was the first major engagement between regulars of the American Army and its counterpart regulars of North Vietnam.   The battle has been chronicled in books and movies and speaks to the outstanding character and courage of the American soldier.   Said Lt. Colonel Hal Moore, U. S. Army when speaking to a reporter about the battle and the respect for his men said the following, ....The extremely high regard I have for the American soldier, he is the best fighting man that I have ever seen....what a tremendous fighting man we have here, he is courageous, he is aggressive, and he is kind--- and he will go where you tell him to go--- and he has got self-discipline, and he has got good unit discipline, he is just an outstanding man-- you must excuse my emotion here, but when I see some of these men go out, the way they have-- I can't tell you how highly I feel for them, THEY ARE TREMENDOUS.”  Ia Drang would claim the lives of 237 American soldiers, 258 wounded and 4 MIA.  Three Medals of Honor were awarded to Americans.